Our blessings and prayers are infused with references to G-d, Our King and His Sovereignty.
The words of our prophets, psalms and other writings have provided a wealth
of proclamations, depictions and visuals of Adonai as the ruler of the world.
G-d has heavenly advisors. He sits on a kingly throne, serving as a military leader and the supreme judge.
In fact, God as our King is a more common metaphor than God as our father.

In our High Holy Day liturgy, Kingship is a significant theme. On Rosh HaShanah, during Musaf
(additional service following the morning service), three sections have been added:
Shofarot (Blasts of the ram’s horn)
Zichronot (Divine remembrances)
Malchuyot (References to Adonai’s Kingship).

Shofarot are connected to biblical times. In Leviticus, we were told to “commemorate with loud blasts.”
In Numbers, there is a directive that these loud blasts be used at royal coronations.
Zichronot reference G-d recalling the promises he made to our patriarchs, matriarchs and our people.
Malchuyot is a collection of passages beginning with Adonai Yimloch L’Olam Vaed*
and concluding with the Shema.

These additional sections serve to remind us that Rosh Hashanah is not only a day of judgment,
but the day that G-d created the world. It is the day we celebrate Him and crown Him Melech.

This painting is divided into three, comparable panels using colors associated with royalty.
The deep, majestic violets flank the center panel of regal red.
The left panel includes a shofar that is used for the soundings of the prescribed blasts.
On the right, a stylized rainbow was chosen, serving as an eternal reminder of our covenant with G-d.
The center panel displays the Torah, fully adorned in purple velvet and gold fringe with a silver crown (keter). The word Melech is set in the crown’s band.

The middle lamed, a letter with Kabbalistic import, merges with the flowing lines of the crown’s design.
Hidden in the finial atop the crown, is an infinity sign that highlights the phrase,
* The Lord shall reign for ever and ever.


Holy, Holy Holy

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The fine art of Marlene Burns, Internationally recognized artist. A collection of her contemporary paintings and urban abstract photography.