marlene burns fine art marlene burns


abstract expressions in paintings and photographs

"artists look at the world through a different window.
 i feel obligated to report what i see.

       "p HOTography 115"
        from p HOTography!  series
        hybrid images blending slices of abstract  photographs and abstract paintings

      marlene burns is a classically trained artist, with two degrees from
     the school of design,
architecture and art at the university of cincinnati .
     she has been represented in galleries / collections from new york to california.
     painting has always been marlene's passion; her process is focused and meditative.
her hallmarks are  bold color and edgy design. her motto:
"learn the rules and then forget them!"

       as the founders of the abstract expressionist movement did in their time, marlene
                          experiments with the mediums and their mixtures. because she paints quickly, fast 
                            drying acrylic paints, airbrush inks, molding paste and gesso best suit her style.
    marlene has utilized her strong sense of abstract design and composition to move
    into a new medium. as she explores the
streets of various cities, marlene captures
     photographs that are every bit as exciting and dynamic as her abstract paintings! 
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