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Marlene Burns is a classically trained artist with two degrees from

 the School of Design, Architecture and Art, University of Cincinnati.

  She has been represented in galleries/collections from coast to coast.

Her hallmarks are bold color and edgy design.

Marlene's motto:

"Learn the rules and then challenge them."

 As the abstract expressionists did in their time, Marlene experiments

with several mediums and their mixtures.  Because she paints quickly,

 acrylics, air brush inks, molding pastes and gesso best suit her style.


Marlene has utilized her strong sense of abstract composition to

add a new medium. As she explores the streets of various cities,

 Marlene uses a camera to create photographs and compilations   

that are every bit as dynamic and edgy as her paintings.

 An artist's eye is an artist's eye, regardless of the medium.



The fine art of Marlene Burns, Internationally recognized artist. A collection of her contemporary paintings and urban abstract photography.